Engagement stories – Mäori Health Services

Just decades ago, the gulf between health practitioners and the many Mäori (the indigenous people of New Zealand), impacted on the quality of health outcomes for Mäori. Bridging this gap is an engagement process. This is the first of my engagement stories and it is close to home. My wife, Huria works as an educator… Continue reading Engagement stories – Mäori Health Services

Introducing engaging stories

I’m convinced that stakeholder engagement is the leading edge of sustainability, and that those organisations most skilled at engagement, are more likely to survive and thrive. Engagement isn’t a new practice; good communicators have been engaging for centuries – but with stakeholder engagement emerging as a discipline we have a better understanding of both the… Continue reading Introducing engaging stories

Reflecting on blogging

Less than a year into blogging, I am getting a glimpse of its potential. I thought it might be useful for those of you considering the blogging option for personal creative expression, stakeholder engagement, or as an option for a business website. The free option first I started, as many do, by opting for a… Continue reading Reflecting on blogging

Twitter Engagement for Business

Here is a link to a post from the TopRank website by Dave Folkens. A brief extract: ” At a minimum, this should be on the radar for any business that cares about how its brand is viewed. In the Harvard Business Review study mentioned earlier, a stunning 75% of the companies in the survey… Continue reading Twitter Engagement for Business

The long twilight of hunter-gatherer capitalism

The firestorm that raged through finance and other companies over the last few years exposed the deficiencies of the current brand of capitalism. The naked greed and short-term thinking that characterised much of commercial world was over-looked as consumers enjoyed a bonanza based on the cornucopia of cheap finance. But as we stand surveying the… Continue reading The long twilight of hunter-gatherer capitalism

Stakeholder mapping part 2

Part one of this post featured the stakeholder map. For those who want to cast the net wider when identifying stakeholders two possibilities are online surveys and email data mining. But it may be more useful to just get started and regard the stakeholder map as an iterative process. Stakeholder mapping is one of the… Continue reading Stakeholder mapping part 2

Engaging the engagers

Your staff are potentially your best ambassadors. If they are positively engaged, both at work and outside work they will be leading your stakeholder engagement. Improving staff engagement is a win-win that will improve internal processes and strengthen external engagement. Ideally, your staff are great ambassadors for your business. When they are at work, they… Continue reading Engaging the engagers

Leading engagement

It’s no surprise that the attributes required for effective leadership are those required for effective stakeholder engagement. My website, Stakeholder Engagement offers resources for developing capability for stakeholder engagement. Alongside specific stakeholder engagement capabilities, I have identified leadership, organisational learning, communication and adaptive capacity (change) as four essential capabilities to support enhanced engagement. Compare this… Continue reading Leading engagement

Communication and engagement part 4: listening

Communication is a core skill for stakeholder engagement.Earlier blogs in this series introduced the communication spectrum and looked in more depth at its engagement and appreciation aspects. This post explores how listening fits with the communication spectrum. Listening, as with communication, is generic. The communication spectrum helps us to be more specific about the type… Continue reading Communication and engagement part 4: listening