What is your climate strategy?

What is your organisation’s climate action strategy? Does it focus on how you operate (e.g. lighting and transport) and climate action as core business? Ensuring we have a livable world will be an enduring focus for the 21st Century. Perhaps it is time to explore how climate action can be infused into your strategy?

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay


Sustainability is ok, but regeneration is much better! When we regenerate we are a little more humble and learn from the natural world. Regenerative agriculture is achieving strong momentum around the planet. We can also help to regenerate oceans, waterways, cities, communities, and our organisations. Look for posts in the regeneration category on this site.

image credit Calm the Farm

Heat kills, plants cool

Most of the focus for climate action is on emissions reductions, and we absolutely must get off fossil fuels as fast as we can. Actively growing vegetation transpires water vapour and cools their surroundings. For example, a tree transpiring 100 litres of water daily has the same cooling impact as two residential air conditioning units. There are other ways that a functioning hydrological (water) cycle can cool the planet. We have degraded or destroyed approximately half of the world’s vegetation, and heating is a consequence.

The cool thing about regenerating vegetation and restoring the hydrological cycle is that you can make a difference in your corner of the world and contribute to global cooling. You will find more on direct cooling at the Tai Tokerau Climate Action website and posts on this site in the direct cooling category.

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