Cultural change

“Culture eats strategy for lunch”  according to Peter Drucker. You can create clever strategies and plans, but if your culture isn’t working, you will always be running to catch up. We have tools to help you understand your culture and choose and implement the cultural changes that support your aspirations.

A favourite tool is Caroline Taylor’s culture model that positions culture founded in values manifest through behaviours, symbols and systems.

Carolyn Taylor culture change


This is a pragmatic tool for culture change. Carolyn Taylor recommends selecting a culture that supports the organisation’s  aspirations. For example selecting either a “one team” or “customer-centric” or “achievement” or “people first” culture might be most appropriate for moving the organisation forward. The process is:

  1. identify the desired culture
  2. identify the values that support this culture
  3. drive it through aligning behaviours, symbols and systems.

Here is Carolyn Taylor talking about culture change.

And here is more on culture change though values, symbols, systems and behaviours (Adding value via culture change).

Contact us if you want to work on your culture.

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