Impact reports

These reports help you to demonstrate the value of your organisation to the world.

Typically, there is a rich story behind the organisations for whom we have produced reports. Sharing your story builds stakeholder appreciation. Refining NZ commissioned our ‘Social and Economic Impact Report’ to inform their Board of the bigger story behind a $360 million capital development project. The report identified significant social and economic benefits to the region and nation, helping the Refining NZ Board see the impact the project would create. It was instrumental in facilitating the Board decision to proceed with a $365 million expansion project. RefiningNZ CEO, Ken Rivers, thanked Peter for the report, “We could not have got this over the line without your help”.

Our reports synthesise data from diverse sources, including economic analysis and relevant stakeholders, using a variety of research tools.

Here are links to the Refining NZ report and the Whangarei Growers Market report.

Contact us if you would like an impact report.

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