We offer services in research, engagement and development.

Research services

Social and economic impact reports

These reports help demonstrate the value of your organisation to the world. Typically there is a rich story behind the organisations for which we have produced reports. Sharing your story builds stakeholder appreciation. Refining NZ used our ‘Social and Economic Impact Report’ to inform their Board of the bigger story behind a $360 million capital development project and the impact it created.  more >>

Customer and stakeholder feedback

We use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) as our preferred tool to elicit customer or stakeholder feedback. Businesses that improve their NPS grow their businesses. Mystery shopping services are also available. more>>

Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies provide you with focussed decision support. We use a variety of research tools to ensure key relevant information is considered. more>>

Web and database searches

Our core skills are about finding out information. We offer these skills to shortcut discovery of key information you require. In this case our enquiry is restricted to the Internet. more>>

Programme tracking and evaluation

If your organisation needs to track the progress and/or evaluate the success of any programme or project, we can help. Establishing and verifying outcomes closes the loop and helps you to demonstrate programme efficacy to key stakeholders. more>>

Sustainability reports

Sustainability is driving innovation and enabling some organisations to develop. By pursuing opportunities to become more sustainable, you can help mitigate some of the environmental and social problems that threaten the sustainability of your venture. You can also save money and develop new sustainable products and services. We will help you identify the low apples and map a pathway to greater sustainability.  more>>

Engagement and development services


For your business to prosper you need effective engagement with your stakeholders. This includes your customers, employees, suppliers, business owners and the community. But the engagement deficit that many companies experience, compromises not just prosperity, but survival. more>>

Business transformation and change

We have a variety of business transformation processes to help you achieve your aspirations. These are research-based to determine current reality and a basis for recommended improvements. These processes include:

  • Cultural change
  • ‘Warm at Work’: developing better workplace relationships and driving culture change at the team level.
  • Communication audits
  • Change processes
  • Leadership development


Employee engagement

The full potential of employees to contribute to the success of organisations still remains largely untapped. Studies from around the globe inform that, on average, only about 30% of employees are effectively engaged. If this is true of your organisation, think of how that untapped potential could benefit. It is said that one difference between your organisation and your competitor, is the discretionary effort that your employees volunteer. We have a simple research tool to help you understand how your employees feel about their workplace. more>>


Development and research are ideally partners in organisational development. We can provide learning and development design, development and delivery, either through online or face-to-face learning. more>>

Research dissemination

Research is ideally a catalyst for change. We can help you to disseminate your research to get the attention of relevant stakeholders. more>>




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