Business transformation and change

We have a variety of business transformation processes to help you achieve your aspirations. These are research-based to determine current reality and a basis for recommended improvements. These processes include:

Cultural change

“Culture eats strategy for lunch”  according to Peter Drucker. You can create clever strategies and plans, but if your culture isn’t working, you will always be running to catch up. We have tools to help you understand your culture and choose and implement the cultural changes that support your aspirations. more>>

Warm at work

Effective culture change needs support from the top, but we believe that building the culture at the team level is also effective. Our “Warm at Work” process develops better workplace relationships and drives culture change at the team level. more>>

Communication audits

Effective communication is widely recognised as a determinant of organisational effectiveness. Factors that inhibit organisational effectiveness such as customer dissatisfaction can be attributed to communication problems. Internal organisational dysfunction can be attributed to poor communication. Improving communication has potential to dramatically improve organisational effectiveness. more>>

Change processes

Too often change processes don’t work! Superficial change is made but the underpinning cultural and attitudinal changes are ignored. Its like painting over rust. We can help you to identify the dynamics that make change initiatives succeed. more>>

Leadership development


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