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Communication and engagement part 4: listening

Communication is a core skill for stakeholder engagement.Earlier blogs in this series introduced the communication spectrum and looked in more depth at its engagement and appreciation aspects. This post explores how listening fits with the communication spectrum. Listening, as with communication, is generic. The communication spectrum helps us to be more specific about the type […]
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Communication and engagement part 2 – conceptual tools for engaging

In part one of this blog, I introduced the communication spectrum. In part two we will look at some conceptual tools to support an engagement ethos. The communication spectrum prompts us to ensure most of our communication is either engaging or appreciating. Here are a few tools to support engagement practices. In part three we […]
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Communication and engagement, part one – the communication spectrum

The term “communication” embraces the range of human interaction. Being more precise about the type of communication we want to enhance, enables us to better evaluate the quality of our communication, and move the organisation forward with specific communication skills, such as engagement. Communication is interaction. Messages are given and received verbally and non-verbally. When […]
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