Research Symposium @ MIT

No its not the Massachusetts MIT, its Manakau Institute of Technology in South Auckland. Mary Quin, Cheif Executive of Callaghan Innovation opened up providing an overview of the organisation’s mission to accelerate the development of technology companies in New Zealand. As a nation we remain exposed to our dependence on the booming dairy industry, but we have an impressive number of technology companies. To regain the levels of prosperity we have enjoyed in the past, we need a proliferation of technology companies and we need to grow existing companies.

Mary Quin

Sir Paul Callaghan identified that growing the tourism and dairy sectors, decreases GDP per capitata. Technology companies typically generate higher wages.

Here are Callaghan Innovation’s strategies from their Statement of Performance Objectives for 2015.

Callaghan Innovation has moved its focus from funding research to funding the development of innovation. There success depends on building connections between the diverse stakeholders capable of accelerating innovation. Engagement and networking are essential skills to drive the changes in our national culture. It is not just cash that’s needed.

Callaghan Innovation has developed five strategic initiatives that it will focus on for the next four years, as stated in our Statement of Intent 2014–2018:


  • Strategic Initiative One: Build innovation skills and programmes for HVMS companies that want to grow, enabling these firms to transform their own rate of commercialisation
  • Strategic Initiative Two: Support clusters of firms with customised action plans to break through their shared barriers to innovation
  • Strategic Initiative Three: Build the product development skills of HVMS firms by creating technology networks that provide advice, facilities and outsourced R&D services for firms
  • Strategic Initiative Four: Unleash the innovation potential of the Mäori economy by making sure our services are ‘fit for Mäori’
  • Strategic Initiative Five: Inspire current and future generations of New Zealanders to become ambitious and confident global innovators.

Click to access Callaghan-SPE-Jun14.pdf

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