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Online stakeholder engagement – making the most of social media

How big is your company’s digital footprint – your online presence? As your digital footprint grows, your potential for online engagement grows with it. Ask yourself: What are the interactive features of our website? How are we engaging? How transparent are we? Do we have a LinkedIn group? How many of our staff are engaged […]
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Inspiring sustainability books

With the Christmas holiday break approaching, here are a few books that, for me, show clear signposts of the way forward to a more sustainable world. These books inform in two domains – the first is sustainability, and the second is in the human dynamics of organisations. Common to these books is a process of […]
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Reporting or engaging?

If resources in your business were tight, and you had to choose between reporting and engaging, which would it be? Here is why I would choose engaging. Reporting is a quality assurance process with its roots in twentieth century industrial processes. I regard the current day sustainability movement to have started in the early sixties, […]
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Sustainability as a business model (slideshare)

Sustainability as a business model Version 2  View more presentations from peteriri.